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Who I Am

I am dedicated and excited to be a person that blesses, encourages, and empowers new Mothers and their families.

I have always had a heart for new moms. I have now been that doula-like person for many friends and family members. It is such a great gift to me to be a trusted person allowed into that baby bubble and to be able to share some of the most precious days with each family. When I heard about postpartum doulas, I knew that this career choice was for me. After taking certification classes and after many hours shadowing others, I know this is the the right path for me.

What I Do

I am here to help you transition into you & your family's new normal.

As an experienced and certified professional, I will provide in home care during the first 1-12 weeks post birth or adoption of your baby(s). From the moment you bring your precious newborn home, I will be there to help ease the transition into parenthood, whether you are welcoming your first or fifth child.


Imagine that you felt 100% supported, nurtured and heard while growing in to your new normal. Your Baby Bubble offers seamless support from the minute your newborn comes home. Let me help you get off to great start.



Your Baby Bubble

"For where your treasure is, there your

heart will be also."

-Matthew 6:21

What is “your baby bubble”?  It’s that sacred time just before baby arrives, and the sweet moments in the months that follow. But, what will I do? How will I manage? What do I need to have on hand to make my life easier? Oh, there are so many things I am unsure of…who will help me? Will I be enough? Most importantly, who can I trust to be in this precious baby bubble with me and my family?

This time…this space…these moments…that is your baby bubble. Let me be the person to bless, encourage and empower you and your family as you transition to life with a new baby.

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Carlisle, Iowa


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